Our Vision

The Searchlight company vision, the philosophy for 70 years has been to become a world leading provider of innovative, creative and value-driven decorating lighting, allowing homes across the globe to be enjoyed to their full potential, without compromising on supplying the quality service that customers expect and also inspiring our employees to be the best that they can be.

Strong family values of respect, integrity, honesty, flexibility, reliability, hard work and loyalty have been key to driving the business forward, ensuring Searchlight has remained at the forefront of the decorative lighting market for so long.

Searchlight's success is attributable to one main resource - its people. With the help and drive of all Searchlight employees and by inspiring our employees to be the best that they can be, our company has realised new standards of customer service which are often lacking in most of our competitors.

Searchlight are committed to providing quality, technologically advanced decorative lighting products and unsurpassed customer service, with a leading investment and strategy to grow the business internationally with products that deliver volume and value for money. Searchlight – the Home of Lighting