The trend in industrial style interiors has seen a massive surge in popularity over the past 10 years. Particularly popular in bars or restaurants, it is now almost uncommon to enter a restaurant or bar without seeing an array of industrial style lighting, especially copper, on display. Stemming from an interior trend inspired by former industrial spaces and weathered buildings; the style is rustic yet modern and aesthetically pleasing. It is safe to say the rustic trend is certainly here to stay and shows no sign of budging.

The 1700s saw the birth of industrial buildings; constructed to be functional and robust, which seems almost ironic considering that nowadays they have since been glamorised to fashionable home accessories.

In terms of lighting, the raw aesthetic turned chic sees an assortment of large metal domes suspending from chunky chains, sleek copper finishes or exposed bulbs suspending from simple black fabric cables. When lit the visible bulbs provide a nostalgic vintage feel, creating a calming and cosy ambience – hence they’re popularity in restaurants. Industrial style is typical of large buildings within cities; coming from abandoned warehouses and factories that have since been converted in to homes.

Add an industrial style light to bring an element of style to your home or desired setting. You should consider blending together a mix of light sources including; table lamps, floor lamps and pendant to cover the whole spread of a room. You could also add a hint of drama to your interiors by using a cage pendant, which will project the light from each cut out section of the shade.

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