As we head further into August, we want to ensure we are making the most of the summer season. During summer, we look forward to sunny day time BBQs proceeding to evenings spent socialising with friends in the garden. Having already been lucky enough to enjoy several bright and warm days, we are very much hopeful for more. If you want to enjoy any of these al fresco activities then you may wish to invest in several different options of outdoor lighting; also taking into account the size and design of your garden.

Additionally, outdoor lighting is not exclusive just to summer, it is important to light your outdoor areas to suit the jobs you complete. For example, if you regularly have to walk to the bottom of your garden after dark; you will want to brighten the route.

Consider outdoor settings and any factors you may need to account for; do you need lighting for brightening porches or to insert into your decking? As an example, recessed lighting is great for discretely lighting decking, garden walkways, paths or grass.

The Project Collection is a helpful source of information to guide specifiers through lighting gardens and exteriors.  Within the catalogue you will find a wide variety of outdoor fittings, perfect for a range of settings. Useful lifestyle images and instructive advice guides help to illustrate how best the products can be used.

Of course, lighting outdoor areas is different to indoor but you still need to take into consideration the three methods: ambient, task and feature, and how they can be blended together.

Insert Plot Light into garden patios, decking or walk ways. The recessed LED light has an IP rating of 67, you can fit and forget. It is a round stainless steel item with an aluminium body, light shines through 4 sections of the fitting and then it slots discretely into the location of your choice. Delivering 90 lumens from 3 watts, it is a cost effective way of guiding your guests through your garden.

Add a functional wall light to brighten as the evening draws in. The Sapporo range are discrete downward pointing wall lights providing unobtrusive low level lighting. The simple dark grey designs are 3000k, bathing your walls in warm light. 

Try the in ground lights for picking out specific features. Paddington, Piccadilly and Euston offer a range of beam angles from 15 to 30 degrees with lumen outputs ranging from 90 to 470. With high grade aluminium bodies and Grade 316 Stainless Steel covers. These robust fittings offer versatility and durability.

For more ambient lighting you should refer to the coastal range. Position Tokyo next to either a front or back door and let the two sources of light add brightness. Yokohama is a downlight which has been designed to illuminate signage and for positions. Whilst Kobe and Kyoto offer a range of sizes of clean round and square designs, suitable for multiple applications.

For guidance on how to best combine different fittings that connect to just one mains power supply, see the plug and play advice guide. Information on how to update your lighting throughout the seasons and the various accessories available: drivers, connectors and extension cables.

Please email or alternatively, visit our website: where you will be need a trade number in order to make a purchase.