With September just around the corner, perhaps your child’s return to school or university is looming. To coincide with the new academic year it might be time to update their area of study and consider different options with desk lamps. Alternatively, if you work from home you will find yourself spending a great deal of time based at a desk.

Particularly for studying, providing the correct methods of lighting is essential to avoid headaches or straining your eyes when reading in poorly lit areas.

A desk lamp is a functional task method of lighting, they fulfil a purpose and provide an additional source of lighting to brighten the room of your choice. For study purposes, it is useful to have a concentrated light that is both directional and highlighting.  

When purchasing a desk lamp, one thing to take into account is the décor of the chosen location and how it can be complimented. Depending on whether you require a desk lamp with a minimal look or a featuring a traditional design, Searchlight have over 20 options for you to choose between. 

Here’s our pick of the top 5 desk lamps: