Searchlight have launched a new range of energy efficient LED lamps, providing a high level of light output at a very low energy cost.

Available to order now, Searchlight eco-friendly LED lamps are the perfect, cost-effective, direct replacement for existing light bulbs, helping consumers to save money on their energy bills.

Using up to 85% less energy and lasting up to 20 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs, Searchlight LED Lamps have been developed to satisfy demand from consumers for more eco-friendly lighting options. With their high-quality design, no warm-up time and beautiful cool white or warm white lighting effect, LED Lamps offer a truly simple way to beautify your home.

Searchlight LED Lamps are supplied in attractive box packaging and are available in a wide combination of caps, sizes, shapes and wattages to meet most popular fittings. Searchlight have also designed a high impact counter display unit to showcase the products, ensuring the range has a premium look that really stands out in-store.