Searchlight are looking to diversify into new lighting markets so Mike Newland joined the business as Contract Sales Manager, which is a new role and division for the company, to focus on the supply of Searchlight product for more commercial markets, such as the hotel, hospitality and care home sectors.

The Initial aim has been to understand and develop the market, concentrating on the end users and commercial interior designers, where Searchlight as a brand is relatively unknown.

The company exhibited last November at Sleep in London (leading exhibition in hotel design and development) and recent sales success have been seen in supply for student accommodation and small independent hotels.

The opportunity is huge but long term success will be driven by developing market awareness of Searchlight and the ongoing development of suitable product ranges.

Although Searchlight product has been supplied to some of these sectors via our wholesale channel this is an opportunity to control where our product goes and influence the type and price of product purchased.