If you were asked to consider times when you have walked into a room and felt impressed with the lighting on offer, you may struggle to recall these instances. This is due to poor, or lack of, blending and use of the different lighting methods: ambient, task and feature. Lighting that is too cool will appear harsh, whereas too bright will create an unwelcoming atmosphere.

In order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you need to invest in useful sources of light that complement and enhance the natural light available in your desired setting. If you are seeking to light a residential setting, you will be wanting to replicate the effects of natural daylight.

At Searchlight Electric, with the release of our Project Collection catalogue, we have launched a new product – Zeus. Though simple in appearance, the real beauty of the Zeus collection is that it is fit for use anywhere in a residential setting.

Zeus key elements:

  • Fire rated – Tested in 30, 60 and 90 minute fire rated ceilings.  
  • IP65 – Zeus is splash proof; therefore suitable for use in a bathroom.
  • Anti-glare –Source of light is situated behind the face of the fitting.
  • 20 degree tilt – Fix or adjust the direction of the light dependent on your preference.

The Zeus is available in 3 variations: 3000k universal downlight, sunset universal downlight and GU10 universal downlight.

With a maximum colour temperature of 2800k for task lighting, Zeus Sunset transitions through the CCT spectrum to a romantic 2000k, emitting a glow comparable to warm candlelight. We offer a 3 year warranty, and as the LED module is replaceable you can be assured that your fittings will never become obsolete.

Contact our sales team on sales@searchlightelectric.com or 0161 203 3300.