Lighting in student accommodation has recently undergone an update; moving away from incandescent and fluorescent fittings in favour of LED lighting, which is evidently a far better option for saving energy and is cost effective. LED lights will last for 30,000 hours, in comparison to the 1000 - 2000 hours guaranteed by incandescent light sources.

With the cost of living in university halls ever rising it is becoming increasingly clear that student satisfaction has to be considered. Lighting needs to be simple but also has to meet a student’s requirements such as; studying, getting sufficient amounts of sleep – severely affected by using the wrong sources of light - and safety. As well as this, maintenance teams and university electrical teams are under pressure to be more energy efficient and cost effective.

Lighting a halls of residence is not just for one room, you need to consider it as providing light for a whole home; including a range of indoor and outdoor features. The light provided needs to be simple in appearance to suit the student halls setting but also highly functional.

You will be hard pushed to find a chandelier in a halls of accommodation kitchen but what you will more than likely see is items like ceiling flush fittings and ceiling bar strip lights, similar to that of our own Project Collection catalogue. For example, items like the Janus 20w (page 37) are surface mounted ceiling fittings with integrated LED technology, and are ideal for brightening hallways or bedroom ceilings.

The amenity range is also another useful option to consider such as the Vulcan 2ft with LED (page 119) which is a slim line ceiling bar light and great for applications with restricted ceiling height. Luna (page 116) can be used either on bedroom walls or bathrooms as they have a rating of IP44, meaning that it is splash proof. Both are great sources of ambient light.

Desk lamps are also an essential part of lighting in a student bedroom. They provide a directional source of lighting, which is incredibly useful for studying. Find detailed information on desk lamps within the Searchlight Decorative Catalogue or on the website:

Aside from desk lights mentioned above, all of the items listed can be found within the Project Collection catalogue. Please contact a member of our sales team on to order a catalogue.