The importance of lighting in care homes can no longer be ignored. Although, it may not be a person’s first thought when considering key elements for a successful care home; lighting actually plays an intrinsic role. Poor lighting can result in patient falls, depression and low staff productivity. However, all of these problems can be avoided using the correct lighting source and temperature.

The ideal lighting is daylight, which contains a natural blue/white light, has not always been correctly mimicked. Harsh lighting from the likes of phones, computers and fluorescent lights can lead to poor sleeping patterns and a host of other problems. Other important aspects to consider are using the appropriate source of lighting and Kelvin temperature. Using an ambient source will provide a gentle wash of brightness which is not harsh or over powering. For a residential setting such as a care home, the optimal lighting temperature is 3000K as it allows for optimum natural daylight imitation.

When it comes to care homes, the lighting used needs to be specifier specific and so any pre-existing medical conditions need to be taken into account. For example, dementia can be severely aggravated and effected by harsh and incorrect lighting. Researchers have found that using the correct lighting in the bedrooms of dementia patients was successful in regulating their sleeping pattern and providing a more calming setting. There has also been recognised and increased interaction from residents with Alzheimer’s who have been exposed to the appropriate blue/white lighting.



Searchlight have recently developed a Project Collection, which revolves around toolkit lighting; providing users with purposeful sources of light. The lights featured are perfect for placement in a care home as we offer a wide range of energy saving LED fittings, and lights using the optimal Kelvin temperature of 3000K. This catalogue would prove extremely useful for anyone looking to complete a project, particularly Architects, Interior Designers or Electricians. 

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