SEARCHLIGHT have recently created a Project Collection catalogue with purposeful lighting at the forefront of its mind. With this focus, we have carefully considered the various types of lighting and how we can encompass them into our catalogue. You should think of the Project Collection catalogue as a toolkit for lighting residential areas.

When you consider lighting, you need to think of it as flexible and in need of varying layers. To put it bluntly, you wouldn’t have a room lit by solely task lighting. The catalogue provides detailed explanations of how to best combine and use different lighting methods for particular rooms or areas of your home.

Throughout the Project Collection catalogue, we have focused on the three main lighting types which are: ambient, task and feature. We have also provided detailed lifestyle images exemplifying the different types of lighting and how they can best be blended together in unison.

Ambient lighting provides a general wash of light that will brighten a room without being overpowering or garish, like a flush fitting. Any room can benefit from this type of lighting and we should think of ambient lighting as a starting point for any residential setting.

You could then add task lighting in order to provide a strong source of directional light; ideal for study areas, desks and kitchen work surfaces. This could be a recessed ceiling light or a spotlight.

Make your third addition feature lighting, which is used to light and draw attention to a specific feature within a room. This could be a statement pendant or strip lighting in a kitchen. It is perfect for boasting a particular interior feature.

Once you have chosen each individual item you will need to mix them together as this allows for a variety of moods to be created.


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