Illuma Commercial ighting


Basic type of lighting

Once you have analysed the space and decided what you want to light, you can decide how to light it.  There are three basic types of lighting that work together.

General (or ambient), task and accent lighting.

Ambient Lighting – provides an area with soft overall illumination for casual viewing, comfort and home safety.  It can be achieved with ceiling or wall mounted fittings and with lamps outside the home.

Task Lighting – helps you perform specific activities such as cooking or reading.  Well placed task lights should be positioned to avoid shadows, glare and prevent eye strain. Reading lamps and kitchen island pendants fall into this category.

Accent Lighting – highlights a specific feature in a room, such as a painting or architectural feature or wall textures.  It can be accomplished with recessed lighting or track lights.  Accent lighting should be at least three times as intense as the usual room lighting.

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