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Nov 13, 2017 3:56:07 PM

Often referred to as ‘the heart of the home’ the kitchen is a place of comfort but also productivity, which often makes the area complex to light. If you take into account all of the activities that happen in the kitchen; family meals, dinner parties with friends and also, perhaps less exciting; cooking and cleaning. There must be plenty of lighting on offer but it needs to be carefully positioned to avoid looking cluttered and over the top. Provide an even and generous spread of light by having sources at different levels of height.

Whether you’re working on a new residential project or refurbishing an existing property, lights can provide the necessary refresh and ensure you are making the most of your kitchen space.

Here are our 5 top tips:

  • Add a large ceiling light to the centre of the kitchen as your first source of ambient lighting. This sets the tone for the area and provides a welcoming and relaxing space.
  • Consider the elements within your kitchen: do you have a breakfast or kitchen island? If so, use a cluster of single pendants above the island or breakfast bar. This provides an even distribution of light and looks stylish. Ensure the pendants are matching to avoid clashing.
  • Recessed ceiling lights look fantastic above a kitchen table. These slot in discreetly to ceilings and can be dotted around to provide a general spread of light.
  • The beauty of LED items is that they are extremely efficient and also good value for money. Searchlight’s LED lights all have a guaranteed 3 years of use; the low labour aspect is appealing.
  • Take into account different finishes and styles and how well they will work within your own kitchen. 


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SOMETIMES all you need is an element of eclectic style to liven up your interiors and provided a well needed refresh. Enter the Diablo range: a quirky and contemporary family comprising of table lights, wall lights, floor lights, ceiling lights andspotlight split-bars housing up to six lights – perfect for brightening the whole room.

The Diablo range is a wonderfully modern look on lighting and the family of products can be used in unison or simply as statement pieces.

Designed to be sleek and stylish, the black lamp shades are wide to provide a general projection of light and the slim body is either chrome or gold. This decorative element will ensure the item stands out against your interiors and works perfectly as a centrepiece. 

One of the fantastic things about the Diablo products is that there is an item for every setting of the home. The one light wall spotlights are finished with a pull cord that can be used to turn the light on or off. Using overhead spotlight heads provide a spread of focused light and the sizeable heads are directional, which adds to the versatility of the fittings. With the whole range being fully LED rated, the lights are low maintenance and last up to 20 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.



Please contact our sales team on either or 0161 203 3300 if you wish to order a copy of our new catalogue.

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Sep 12, 2017 4:37:56 PM

Searchlight is showcasing the Project Collection at 100% Design, Olympia, London from 20th – 23rd September 2017. The exhibition is the flagship show in London Design week, which reinforces London as the design capital of the world. Since beginning in 1995, each year the trade show welcomes 27,000 attendees.

The Project Collection of lighting has been designed specifically to meet the needs of anyone working in residential projects, and specifying, purchasing of installing lighting. Whether you’re an architect, interior designer, lighting designer, contractor, self- builder or property owner the Project Collection is the lighting toolkit you’re looking for. 

 Project Collection includes decorative, technical and amenity lighting. The catalogue teams pages of packed advice guides with the light fittings you need to deliver flexible and functional lighting schemes with a firm eye on design.

We look forward to seeing you at 100% Design

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Autumn Fair Excitement

Aug 30, 2017 2:14:22 PM

With the Autumn Fair commencing later this week, preparations are in full swing and Searchlight have some exciting news to share with you all.

Alongside showcasing items from the brand new 2018 decorative catalogue, we will be offering a generous selection of discounts that are exclusive to the Autumn Fair. 

Here’s a sneak peak of just a few items you can expect to see:

9411BK - Black and Satin Brass Finish Cage Pendant

The uber stylish cage pendant with an on trend black and satin brass finish will be on show on the stand.







1443-3SI - Antique Silver Finish Pyramid Pendant

Add this geometric inspired Antique Silver Pendant to create a feeling of style for your home. 









8335-5CC - Elise 5lt Chrome Finish Ceiling Flush/ Pendant with Clear Crystal Droplets

Bring both glitz and glamour with this stunning chrome ceiling flush/pendant.






3174WH - White Finish Integrated LED Cylinder Head Split Bar Spotlight L77                 

Provide a generous spread of focused light with this sleek and minimal LED split bar spotlight.







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Industrial Trends Are Here To Stay

Aug 21, 2017 9:52:19 AM


THE trend in industrial style interiors has seen a massive surge in popularity over the past 10 years. Particularly popular in bars or restaurants, it is now almost uncommon to enter a restaurant or bar without seeing an array of industrial style lighting, especially copper, on display. Stemming from an interior trend inspired by former industrial spaces and weathered buildings; the style is rustic yet modern and aesthetically pleasing. It is safe to say the rustic trend is certainly here to stay and shows no sign of budging.

The 1700s saw the birth of industrial buildings; constructed to be functional and robust, which seems almost ironic considering that nowadays they have since been glamorised to fashionable home accessories.

In terms of lighting, the raw aesthetic turned chic sees an assortment of large metal domes suspending from chunky chains, sleek copper finishes or exposed bulbs suspending from simple black fabric cables. When lit the visible bulbs provide a nostalgic vintage feel, creating a calming and cosy ambience – hence they’re popularity in restaurants. Industrial style is typical of large buildings within cities; coming from abandoned warehouses and factories that have since been converted in to homes.

Add an industrial style light to bring an element of style to your home or desired setting. You should consider blending together a mix of light sources including; table lamps, floor lamps and pendant to cover the whole spread of a room. You could also add a hint of drama to your interiors by using a cage pendant, which will project the light from each cut out section of the shade.

Our top 5 picks: 


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Aug 14, 2017 4:26:45 PM

WITH September just around the corner, perhaps your child’s return to school or university is looming. To coincide with the new academic year it might be time to update their area of study and consider different options with desk lamps. Alternatively, if you work from home you will find yourself spending a great deal of time based at a desk.

Particularly for studying, providing the correct methods of lighting is essential to avoid headaches or straining your eyes when reading in poorly lit areas.

A desk lamp is a functional task method of lighting, they fulfil a purpose and provide an additional source of lighting to brighten the room of your choice. For study purposes, it is useful to have a concentrated light that is both directional and highlighting.  

When purchasing a desk lamp, one thing to take into account is the décor of the chosen location and how it can be complimented. Depending on whether you require a desk lamp with a minimal look or a featuring a traditional design, Searchlight have over 20 options for you to choose between. 

Here’s our pick of the top 5 desk lamps:

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How To Use The Zeus

Aug 11, 2017 4:16:09 PM

IF you were asked to consider times when you have walked into a room and felt impressed with the lighting on offer, you may struggle to recall these instances. This is due to poor, or lack of, blending and use of the different lighting methods: ambient, task and feature. Lighting that is too cool will appear harsh, whereas too bright will create an unwelcoming atmosphere.

In order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, you need to invest in useful sources of light that complement and enhance the natural light available in your desired setting. If you are seeking to light a residential setting, you will be wanting to replicate the effects of natural daylight.

At Searchlight Electric, with the release of our Project Collection catalogue, we have launched a new product – Zeus. Though simple in appearance, the real beauty of the Zeus collection is that it is fit for use anywhere in a residential setting.

Zeus key elements:

  • Fire rated – Tested in 30, 60 and 90 minute fire rated ceilings.  
  • IP65 – Zeus is splash proof; therefore suitable for use in a bathroom.
  • Anti-glare –Source of light is situated behind the face of the fitting.
  • 20 degree tilt – Fix or adjust the direction of the light dependent on your preference.

The Zeus is available in 3 variations: 3000k universal downlight, sunset universal downlight and GU10 universal downlight.

With a maximum colour temperature of 2800k for task lighting, Zeus Sunset transitions through the CCT spectrum to a romantic 2000k, emitting a glow comparable to warm candlelight. We offer a 3 year warranty, and as the LED module is replaceable you can be assured that your fittings will never become obsolete.

Contact our sales team on or 0161 203 3300.

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Aug 11, 2017 1:56:59 PM

AS we head further into August, we want to ensure we are making the most of the summer season. During summer, we look forward to sunny day time BBQs proceeding to evenings spent socialising with friends in the garden. Having already been lucky enough to enjoy several bright and warm days, we are very much hopeful for more. If you want to enjoy any of these al fresco activities then you may wish to invest in several different options of outdoor lighting; also taking into account the size and design of your garden.

Additionally, outdoor lighting is not exclusive just to summer, it is an important to light your outdoor areas to suit the jobs you complete. For example, if you regularly have to walk to the bottom of your garden after dark; you will want to brighten the route.

Consider outdoor settings and any factors you may need to account for; do you need lighting for brightening porches or to insert into your decking?As an example, recessed lighting is great for discretely lighting decking, garden walkways, paths or grass.

The Project Collection is a helpful source of information to guide specifiers through lighting gardens and exteriors.  Within the catalogue you will find a wide variety of outdoor fittings, perfect for a range of settings. Useful lifestyle images and instructive advice guides help to illustrate how best the products can be used.

Of course, lighting outdoor areas is different to indoor but you still need to take into consideration the three methods: ambient, task and feature, and how they can be blended together.

Insert Plot Light into garden patios, decking or walk ways. The recessed LED light has an IP rating of 67, you can fit and forget. It is a round stainless steel item with an aluminium body, light shines through 4 sections of the fitting and then it slots discretely into the location of your choice. Delivering 90 lumens from 3 watts, it is a cost effective way of guiding your guests through your garden.

Add a functional wall light to brighten as the evening draws in to brighten your outdoor spaces. The Sapporo range are discrete downward pointing wall lights providing unobtrusive low level lighting. The simple dark grey designs are 3000k, bathing your walls in warm light. 

Try the in ground lights for picking out specific features. Paddington, Piccadilly and Euston offer a range of beam angles from 15 to 30 degrees with lumen outputs ranging from 90 to 470. With high grade aluminium bodies and Grade 316 Stainless Steel covers. These robust fittings offer versatility and durability.

For more ambient lighting you should refer to the coastal range. Position Tokyo next to either a front or back door and let the two sources of light add brightness. Yokohama is a downlight which has been designed to illuminate signage and for positions. Whilst Kobe and Kyoto offer a range of sizes of clean round and square designs, suitable for multiple applications.

For guidance on how to best combine different fittings that connect to just one mains power supply, see the plug and play advice guide. Information on how to update your lighting throughout the seasons and the various accessories available: drivers, connectors and extension cables.

Please email or alternatively, visit our website: where you will be need a trade number in order to make a purchase. 

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Children’s Bedroom Lighting

Jun 10, 2015 10:43:06 AM

Childrens bedroom lighting

The appearance and functionality of a child’s bedroom will vary massively depending on the age and sex of the child. For young children the lighting needs to be fun and colourful. And for older children the lighting is often focused more on a study area. Bedroom lighting should illuminate their world in a wonderful way, and a well-designed lighting scheme will grow with the child.

Children's bedroom lighting should be glowing with amazing solutions to suit their sense of style. So we’ve listed some helpful tips and ideas for different lighting options, ranging from the practical to the more decorative and fun.

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